Becoming an Affiliate

You understand that Affimarts and its marketplace are private establishments, as such Affimarts reserves the right to reject affiliates on any basis in its sole discretion. To become an affiliate on Affimarts, you must be at least 18 years old and provide your real name and verifiable information. We will require you to fill in the application information truthfully to the best of your knowledge and to keep such information current at all times. Provision of false information may result in Affimarts not being able to pay your commissions and may lead to Affimarts suspending the provisions of our services to you. Affimarts retains the right to cancel any new or existing account for any reason in its sole discretion and for no reason. Where it is discovered that misleading or inaccurate information is provided, in addition to what the terms already stated, Affimarts shall not be liable for any action of the affiliate and reserves the right to seek appropriate legal actions.


If You promote, market or otherwise advertise (“Promote” or a “Promotion”) any product which is registered for sale via the Affimarts Services, either by You or by another Affimarts client (each a “Product”), whether via the Affimarts Services or via any other online or offline channel or medium, including for the purpose of earning a percentage of the sale price of any Product sold as a result of such Promotion (“Commissions”), You agree, acknowledge, represent and warrant that:

(a) You will abide by Affimarts’s Return and Cancellation Policy and You will establish Your Vendor Return Policy as set forth below.

(b) When You Promote a Product, You will use the applicable Vendor’s trademarks, logos, trade names or service marks in accordance with such Vendor’s trademark guidelines, which will either be supplied by Affimarts or set forth in the Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines, if applicable. For purposes of this Agreement, “Vendor” is defined as any person or entity that submits one or more Products for sale via the Affimarts Marketplace.

(c) You will not make any unlicensed or unauthorized use of, or otherwise infringe, violate or misappropriate any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity or other intellectual property or other proprietary right (collectively “IP Rights”) of any entity or individual.

(d) You will not interfere with or manipulate rankings of Affimarts ‘sMarketplace, tracking of Commissions, or the normal flow of traffic to, through, or from the Affimarts Services.

(e) If You Promote Products or Brands in a high risk industry, You must be in compliance with Affimarts ‘sAdditional Terms and Conditions provided to You, which are incorporated into this Agreement by this reference, at all times.

(f) You will not Promote violence, sexually explicit materials, Products from any website, blog, social network, forum or other medium that contain, host or promote illegal content or material, illegal activities, alcohol, tobacco or prescription drugs, discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

(g) You will not Promote any Products or services to children under the age of thirteen (13).

(h) You will not defame any person.

(i) You will not include any trademarks or other brand identifiers, or any copyrighted materials, other than as expressly permitted by this Agreement.

(j) You will not incorporate any variation of or misspell any third-party trademarks or other brand identifiers in any domain name, username or other identifier, including on any social networking site.

(k) You will not in any way copy the “look and feel” of any third party website, or otherwise imply that the Promotion is in fact a third party website.

(l) All communications and/or representations made by You in connection with any Promotions and/or in relation to any Product will be accurate and contain all disclosures and disclaimers necessary to prevent such Promotions from being false or deceptive. Such disclosures and disclaimers must be made in a clear and conspicuous manner, and will otherwise comply with Your country’s laws and all the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigera.

(m) Affimarts reserves the right but is not obligated to review Your Promotions. You agree that Affimarts, in its sole discretion and at any time, may require changes to Product Promotion and delivery pages, customer support or other items related to the content of Your Promotions.

(n) You will provide valid contact information, including but not limited to a working email address and phone number, where Affimarts can send inquiries and receive a non-automated reply by end of the following business day.

(o) Affiliates will not, cannot,  earn or be paid commission from products they buy using their affiliate link. As we consider this as an illegal way to game to the system to buy products for half their price. Hence Self commission (Earning commission from products you buy for yourself, with your link) is not available on affimarts.

(p) Affimarts does not independently review, verify, guarantee, or assume any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, or timeliness of any information provided by Vendors, nor is it responsible for any bonuses, prizes or other incentives offered by Vendors in the “Vendor Spotlight,” as described in this Agreement, or otherwise offered by Vendors via the Affimarts Services. Your use of any information presented by a Vendor is voluntary, and Your reliance is at Your sole risk. You acknowledge and understand that Affimarts does not verify statements, claims, incentives or Promotions made by Vendors in the Vendor Spotlight or otherwise made by Vendors via the Affimarts Services.

(q) You will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and will not interfere with any other user’s business or use of the Affimarts Services.  Affimarts reserves the right to take any action against you for violating this provision, including account suspension and/or termination.

(r) Affiliates are charged 500 naira/$1 fixed charge per withdrawal as services charge.