Affimarts accepts that its sellers, affiliates, and clients will get the most extreme advantage of its services when there is free and open rivalry without impedance from others. Thusly, when utilizing the Affimarts services as a dealer or subsidiary, you are disallowed from doing the accompanying exercises to keep the stage a protected and reasonable selling and promotional climate. Inability to follow the details of these rules may bring about the abrogation of your postings, suspension or end of your utilization of the Affimarts services, notwithstanding Affimarts looking for some other proper cures from you. Affimarts claims all authority to decide, in its sole caution, how to and when to decipher, apply and implement these Rules.

These Rules are in addition to, and in no way limit, your other obligations set forth in, the Affimarts Client Contract. These Guidelines are incorporated into the Affimarts Client Contract, and in the event there is a direct conflict between a provision in these Guidelines and the Client Contract, the provision in the Client Contract shall prevail. 


The following standards apply to both sellers and affiliates:

1. Cyber Attacks. You are prohibited from initiating, participating in, or inciting any:

a. DDos attacks;
b. attempt to circumvent the Affimarts’s sales process or to divert Affimarts customers to another website;
c. hacking or accessing a site or page in an unauthorized manner for any reason;
d. any other activities that compromise or hijack traffic to a site or page, including, but not limited to, any advertising or promotional messages that encourage or cause customers to leave the Affimarts site or the site of another Affimarts vendor or affiliate.

2. False or Misleading Representations. You are prohibited from making any false or misleading representations in connection with selling or promoting goods or services.  In addition to Affimarts Guidelines, you are prohibited from taking any false or misleading actions that are directed at another Affimarts vendor or affiliate, including, but not limited to the following:

a. false statements in connection with a DMCA takedown request;
b. fake or baseless demands or cease and desist letters;
c. false or misleading statements that lead to issuance of invalid or harassing subpoenas;
d. fake purchases with the intent to refund/chargeback;
e. fake reviews of products or services, or any other attempts to manipulate ratings, feedback or reviews.

 3. IP Infringement. You are prohibited from infringing on or misappropriating the intellectual property rights of others.  In addition to all applicable laws, the following actions are prohibited:

a. using third party trademarks without permission;
b. using third party copyrighted content or materials without permission;
c. unauthorized use of Banners/Images;
d. bidding on the trademarked terms of third parties, including but not limited to search terms.

4. Interference with the Normal Flow of Business. You are prohibited from interfering with the normal flow of business by Affimarts or any of its vendors or affiliates. Moreso affiliates cannot make purchase with their own affiliate link in order to earn a commission. Other Unauthorized and prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to:

a. cookie stuffing;
b. keyword Stuffing, spamming or other attempts to interrupt or manipulate search and browse functionality;
c. unauthorized use of iFrames;
d. bypassing Vendor Pitch Pages.

5. Class action suits: You are prohibited from coming together as a part or a whole to take up a case against Affimarts and it’s staffs. Any issues will be solved/acted upon on a per individual basis.

Affimarts reserves the right to modify, amend or change these Guidelines at any time and without notice to you.

Effective February, 2021.