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How to sign up for an account and how to get started IN affiliate Marketing with AFFIMARTS

So if you would like to find out how this platform works and how to earn commission and make money online this will be a great article for you. 

You will learn how to sign up and create an account on AFFIMARTS from scratch and how you can generate your affiliate link to earn commission and make money online as an affiliate.

AFFIMARTS is an affiliate marketplace, it connects affiliate to vendors and vendor products to potential buyers. Importantly unlike other affiliate platforms that requires monthly or yearly membership, it’s FREE to sign up on AFFIMARTS.

You can sign up as an affiliate or vendor but in this article, we would be learning how to sign up for a free account and how to use the AFFIMARTS platform as an affiliate.


Signing up on AFFIMARTS is relatively easy and simple.

  • To sign up go to AFFIMARTS.COM
  • Click on the drop-down button
  • Click on affiliate registration to sign up as an affiliate 
  • Fill out the corresponding spaces 

Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation email from AFFIMARTS showing you “Affiliate Application Accepted”.

NB – Always input your details correctly, especially your payment details so you get paid without hitch.

Your dashboard would look like the image below upon successful registration.

Dashboard View


An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains your affiliate ID or username. This is used to track every sales that comes through your account so you can be paid your commission.

To generate your affiliate link, follow the image below;

  • Click on the drop-down button 
  • Click on shop
  • Now select a product you which to promote
  • For example, let’s say we’re  in the fitness niche. We Want to promote the BACK-PRO POSTURE CORRECTOR which sells for #17,000 (as at the time of writing)
Product Sample
  • Click on the sales page link encircled 
  • Copy the link 

NB- This is the product sales page and not your affiliate link. 

Now let’s go back to your AFFILIATE DASHBOARD and generate your affiliate link with the sales page link copied.

On your affiliate dashboard, click on the LINK GENERATOR

  • Click on the link generator
  • Input the BACK-PRO POSTURE corrector sales page link which we copied earlier on the space provided
  • Now click on generate URL
  • You would be provided with your affiliate link. 

You should see your username name in it like the image below

This is your unique affiliate link which you give to subscribers on your email list, your blog post, your social media such as WhatsApp or whatever platform you are using to go and buy the product you are promoting.

This unique URL allows AFFIMARTS to track whether or not a customer bought the product through your affiliate link and upon successful purchase by the customer, you are paid a commission.

NB- It is often advisable you use software such as Rebrandly, or tinyurl, to make your long affiliate link shorter, brandable or costumized and attractive to click. This mentioned softwares offer free access.

Now you’ve learnt how to create an AFFIMARTS account and how to generate your affiliate link, you can get started right away by promoting offers and earning commissions.

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